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Sri Lanka: Unveiling Billboards for 7 Billion Campaign

Image-"I am one of seven billion"-Sri Lanka

Colombo – On 21 September, 2011 UNFPA Sri Lanka commenced the unveiling of 7 billboards in 7 districts in commemoration of world population reaching 7 billion. 

With the key message of “I am one of 7 billion” and “in a world of 7 billion and counting, we need to count on each other”, the billboards were placed in the prominent locations in districts supported by UNFPA. 

The unveilings were organized in partnership with local NGOs supported by UNFPA to address gender-based violence. Following the launch of each billboard a ceremony was held in the UNFPA supported women centers to speak about living in a world of 7 billion within the community. Ministers, local government officials, community leaders, police personnel, health officers all gave their thoughts on how the community can work together to bring equality among men and women particularly for the prevention of gender-based violence and how we all can work together to live in a world of 7 billion people. Traditional dances, street dramas and songs also made up part of these meaningful ceremonies.