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Tokyo: World at 7 Billion x 7 Billion Actions Campaign

As part of the 7 Billion Actions campaign, regional UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) offices from around the world worked together to bring awareness of our growing population. UNFPA’s Tokyo office, in particular, did an astounding job of executing an unique campaign in Japan. We’ll be highlighting the works of our Tokyo partner in a series of blog posts. Today’s post highlights the media coverage and briefings from their campaign. For more information, please visit their site at www.70okunin.com.

In Japan, the 7 Billion Actions campaign was named, “70okunin no sekai x 70 okunin no action” which translates to “World at 7 Billion x 7 Billion Actions.” The  Tokyo office brought attention to the campaign by tailoring their message to Japanese constituents, with a call to action to bring awareness to the many issues facing the “World at 7 Billion” and having participants declare their “7 Billion Actions.”  Throughout the campaign, UNFPA Tokyo highlighted the issues of 7 billion with media briefings and conferences. 

Press Conference on “The World at 7 Billion”

Held on September 28, 2011 at the Japan Press Center attracted the attendance of approximately 70 reporters.  The conference was broadcasted on the 6 p.m. NHK News that same day.

 SWOP Press Briefing

Three weeks later, the Japan Press Center was once again host to UNFPA Tokyo’s briefing on “State of World Population 2011,” organized by JOICFP.  The Japanese version of SWOP was released in conjunction with the English version.


"The World at 7 Billion" Press Briefing

Lastly, on October 29, 2011 the UNFPA Tokyo office held a special media briefing that detailed the implications of a world population reaching 7 billion, the 7 Billion Actions campaign and the “7th Billion Baby” Certificate, which asked parents to send required documentation and a pledge of their “7 Billion Actions.”  Numerous media attended the event at the GEOC, United Nations University Headquarters in Tokyo.