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Almaty: Digital Art and the World at 7 Billion 

The symbolic date and time of 11/11/11 at 11:11 was chosen to open the digital art exhibition “Blue Symphony”, by artist Amir Shayesteh Tabar, on the premises of the UNFPA Sub-Regional Office in Almaty. The exhibition is organized by the UN Department of Public Information (DPI) in collaboration with UNFPA to celebrate the World at 7 Billion.

“Many would wonder what links digital art and the World at 7 Billion … in both cases it is not so much about digits and numbers, but about unleashing human creativity to make the most of our world of 7 Billion”, said Nikolai Botev, Director of the Sub-Regional Office. “It is symbolic that the exposition is co-organized by DPI and UNFPA; this is both within the spirit of One UN, and points out that the 7 billion milestone transcends the mandates of UN agencies, funds and programmes”, he added. The opening was well attended by UN staff in Almaty.

Digital art is a new form of expression explored by Amir Shayesteh Tabar based on using computer techniques to create unique geometric forms inspired by words and letters from holy scriptures. A special printer is used to print the forms on a large canvas.

“Digital art gives a chance to people all around the world to enjoy the original at the same time, in different places, which in past centuries was not possible, and that is the one of the main aim of digital prints of Blue Symphony art works”, said the artist. “It is a stark reminder of how we are all interconnected”, one of the visitors commented. The exhibition will be on view for UN staff for a week.

Photo Credit: Karlygash Mizanova 

Text Credit: Julien Pellaux