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Watch this Video: Jakarta: Youth & The World at 7 Billion 

This video was made during the Youth and World at 7 Billion Campaign in Jakarta on October 30th 2011. The campaign aimed at increasing public awareness on the world’s population reaching 7 billion.

Coordinated by the Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) members, the campaign invited the youth population from all over Jakarta and the wider public to the Car Free Day event along Jakarta’s main roads: Sudirman and Thamrin to state their opinion, concern and  plan on how to make a world of 7 billion people a better place in the future.

Watch this Video: Uruguay and 7 Billion 

The UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, in Uruguay has prepared a short video with some pictures of their ‘7 Billion’ ‘activities. 

Click here to watch the video in Spanish. 

Almaty: Digital Art and the World at 7 Billion 

The symbolic date and time of 11/11/11 at 11:11 was chosen to open the digital art exhibition “Blue Symphony”, by artist Amir Shayesteh Tabar, on the premises of the UNFPA Sub-Regional Office in Almaty. The exhibition is organized by the UN Department of Public Information (DPI) in collaboration with UNFPA to celebrate the World at 7 Billion.

“Many would wonder what links digital art and the World at 7 Billion … in both cases it is not so much about digits and numbers, but about unleashing human creativity to make the most of our world of 7 Billion”, said Nikolai Botev, Director of the Sub-Regional Office. “It is symbolic that the exposition is co-organized by DPI and UNFPA; this is both within the spirit of One UN, and points out that the 7 billion milestone transcends the mandates of UN agencies, funds and programmes”, he added. The opening was well attended by UN staff in Almaty.

Digital art is a new form of expression explored by Amir Shayesteh Tabar based on using computer techniques to create unique geometric forms inspired by words and letters from holy scriptures. A special printer is used to print the forms on a large canvas.

“Digital art gives a chance to people all around the world to enjoy the original at the same time, in different places, which in past centuries was not possible, and that is the one of the main aim of digital prints of Blue Symphony art works”, said the artist. “It is a stark reminder of how we are all interconnected”, one of the visitors commented. The exhibition will be on view for UN staff for a week.

Photo Credit: Karlygash Mizanova 

Text Credit: Julien Pellaux 

Nigeria: Commemoration of the Day of 7 Billion 

The world’s population reaching 7 Billion was marked in many ways around the world. In Nigeria, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) organized many events such as: a Welcome Ceremony for Newborns, a Press Conference, the Launching of the 2011 State of the World Population Report, a dinner for Diplomats and Partners, and a youth forum focusing on the implications of Nigeria’s Youthful Population, all of which were held between October 30th and November 1st. 

To read the detailed outline of the activities that took place in Nigeria click here

Moldova: 7 Billion Day Event Celebrations 

The world’s population hitting the 7 Billion milestone was observed differently throughout the world. In Moldova, the day was celebrated in many ways, beginning with a Flash Mob. The Y-PEER network organized a Flash Mob called “We are 7 Billion People on Earth” in the center of the Capital. After the Flash Mob the Y-PEERS distributed informational materials in the streets, with demographic data related to the current and future state of Moldova.

There was also a press conference held in the Government House, where the UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, Programme Coordinator, Boris Gilca launched customized stamps which were designed exclusively for the 7 billion day.

Lastly, Mr. Marian Lupu, The President of the Republic of Moldova, visited one of the Maternity hospitals in Chisinau to congratulate mothers of newborns and present them with the official anniversary certificates designed for the celebration of the 7 billion babies in Moldova.

Lao PDR: 7 Billion Essay Competition 

Meet Mr. Thongsouk Somphouviseth (known as Souk). He is 21 years old and he is the winner of the 7 billion actions essay competition, which was organized by The Ministry of Planning and Investment in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Souk is in his fifth year at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences in the National University of Laos. His post-graduation plans include staying in Vientiane to look for a job in the area of population and development.  

Souk believes that 7 Billion “is a big opportunity for socioeconomic development because people will have more access to new technologies and better quality jobs will be required.”

Read more about Souk’s thoughts on the challenges and opportunities that 7 Billion poses to Lao PDR here

Mexico City’s most famous landmark is the Golden Angel, poised in the center of the city’s urban sprawl of more than 20 million people. The gilded statue now stands in contrast to the squalor and poverty becoming ever present in the city. 

Check out the video from UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, as they take a look at the world’s eighth largest city and how the city is coping with overpopulation and crime.

Tokyo: World at 7 Billion x 7 Billion Actions Campaign

As part of the 7 Billion Actions campaign, regional UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) offices from around the world worked together to bring awareness of our growing population. UNFPA’s Tokyo office, in particular, did an astounding job of executing an unique campaign in Japan. We’ll be highlighting the works of our Tokyo partner in a series of blog posts. Today’s post highlights the media coverage and briefings from their campaign. For more information, please visit their site at www.70okunin.com.

In Japan, the 7 Billion Actions campaign was named, “70okunin no sekai x 70 okunin no action” which translates to “World at 7 Billion x 7 Billion Actions.” The  Tokyo office brought attention to the campaign by tailoring their message to Japanese constituents, with a call to action to bring awareness to the many issues facing the “World at 7 Billion” and having participants declare their “7 Billion Actions.”  Throughout the campaign, UNFPA Tokyo highlighted the issues of 7 billion with media briefings and conferences. 

Read more

Lao PDR: Celebrating the 7 Billionth Baby

Image- LAO PDR : 7 billion day

Each country celebrated the world population reaching 7 Billion in their own way. In Lao PDR the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and the Ministry of Health (MoH) partnered with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to present people with welcome gift baskets that included a health information package and a birth certificate to the mothers of all babies born on this very important day at the Mahosot Hospital in Vientiane, Lao PDR. Read the entire press release here

Photo Credit: UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, Country Office: Lao PDR. 

Viet Nam: ‘Additional Investments in Youth Needed as World Population Tops 7 Billion’

Image-Viet Nam Press Release Photo

In preparation for October 31st, the day the world population reaches 7 Billion people, United Nations Population Fund’s, (UNFPA), representative in Viet Nam, Mr. Bruce Campbell spoke about the “demographic bonus,” and the fact that there is currently a record level of young people who are entering the workforce in Viet Nam. Mr. Campbell went on to say that, “Viet Nam can benefit from this tremendous resource by ensuring that every young person has access to quality social services, including health, education and training, so that they are well prepared to make a significant contribution to Viet Nam’s continued socio-economic growth and development.” Read the entire press release here

India: Discussing World Population Over Coffee

Image- "In India We'll Discuss it over coffee"

As a part of the global 7 billion campaign, young people living in India will gather to think provocatively and positively about the opportunities and challenges in a world of 7 billion. The hub of action will be hundreds of CCD (Cafe Coffee Day) outlets and other hotspots in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune. This will dovetail into an online Facebook campaign featuring specially—designed apps and a lot more.